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Where is a Hovercraft used?

In emergency rescue situations, time is your enemy. Minuets, even seconds, can be the difference between success and failure. In many cases, getting to the emergency is the biggest time waster ... unfamiliar or variable terrain can seriously hamper your efforts if you don't have the proper vehicle for the surrounding terrain.
Transitional terrain ( sand bank to water, marsh, ice to water ) can be a real problem. A snowmobile for example, can travel over thick ice, but take it out where the ice is thin enough to create an emergency situation and chances are you'll soon have two emergencies on your hands.
Its extraordinary versatility make it the ideal craft in places where variable terrain and changeable weather are the norm.

Flood and Ice Rescue Flood and River Control
Wetland Geological Survey Wetland Hydrological Survey
Pipeline Support Recreational
Law Enforcement  Utility Support
Wetland Anti Poaching Patrol Mosquito Abatement

Why should more organizations use Hovercraft ?
In the last 50 years big areas of wetlands have been destroyed for cultivation -, construction -, infrastructure - and urban development. On a daily basis we can only watch how wetlands slowly vanish from this planet - sometimes slow by drying the land through drainage, dam's or temporary structures and very often quite quick be filling and construction within a year.
Even if this sad cenario will continue - very often we do not have the funds and transportation means to proof in the first place that a certain area is a wetland. Today's accurate and inexpensive data logger allow to measure on big areas the amount of water if we could get them in place and service them in the necessary interval. Most of the time the transportation means for very shallow wetlands are just not available. Hovercraft would allow to travel with reasonable speed over long distances without doing any damage to the Environment. Please see our page on "Environmental impact of Hovercrafts".
And before we can proof a certain area is a wetland - it transformed to a mall, subdivision ....! If you like wetlands, wading birds and the beauty  of these shallow often neglected areas - do something to keep them for the next generation. Thanks!
This are just our small ideas on this topic.

Who is using Hovercrafts already ?

U.S. Coast Guard Border Patrol Fire Rescue
Dive SAR Wildlife Control National Parks Service
Drug Enforcement Coastal Authorities Port Authorities
Flying Pest Control Lifeguard Stations Military Services
Marine Fire Rescue Dive Recovery Nuclear Power Plants
Forestry Service Harbor Patrol Hunter and Fisherman
Antarctic Stations Oil Spill Recovery Private Enthusiasts

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