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Catalogs and Plans

We took a look at several Hovercraft plans and have to admit that on some of them it is useful to buy them 2 month before you want to start building your craft. It will take quite some time to figure out which part is in reference to the next. Since there is from free plans (for private use ) to plans for xxx $ everything on the market chose according to your technical knowledge - perhaps sometimes it pay's off to invest a little bit more in the first place to get you easier started and your project on the way than to save a few penny's and get continuously stuck. For everyone who want's to design his craft after his ideas - take a closer look and get in contact with the designer perhaps you can adjust a certain model to your needs. But now lets get to the facts :
Welcome to Plans and Catalogs

Here you will find the sources of Hovercraft plans. 
There are several designer selling plans for Hovercraft as well as finally again  Hovercraft kits . 
Before you start selecting a certain set of Hovercraft plans ask yourself where you want to use the Hovercraft, how much people you want to take on the ride as well as the total payload it should carry. From fishing gear to ice box - each pound counts since it will not help you to build a craft which was not designed for your application. 
Talk to other builder from all Hovercraft designs you are interested in to get an idea how "easy" it is to build your first craft. 

We hope the provided Links will help you select your dream craft. 

Hovercraft plans
 Viper ( 4 Person ) Hovercraft This craft is available in kit or plan version - lets point out that Michael Nell  does not only provide plans but as well a extensive building manual.
 Canair 300 and 500 Two crafts to choose from - for 2 or 4 persons.
 Universal Hovercraft Universal Hovercraft has several craft plans available - their craft are somehow speedy and quite easy to build. Plans can be confusing but are worth every penny.
 Eagle Hovercraft in the UK Plans and parts in the UK
 Barry Palmers Sevtecs Barry Palmers Sevtecs claim to be the 4 x 4 under Hovercraft - but do not want to be called Hovercraft instead surface skimmer - well you be the judge plans use reference points you need to figure out before starting.
 Free plans for Racer / cruiser

Free - Neat racing craft - plan in PFD format - bit confusing in skirt section but nice starter craft. The original plans are property of the french Hoverclub - unfortunately their web page is moving more than most of their craft - so the link will allow you a download from temporary location.

 Free plans for leaf blower Hovercraft

 Free  A fun and educational project.

 The perfect kit for your science project A fun project developed by a hovercraft enthusiast ... it will help you to understand and enjoy hovercraft without the need of a big shop ..lol 
 Craft calculator - This Hovercraft calculator gives you some help selecting Lift engine / prop /splitter.
 Hovercraft for sale Perhaps you find a reasonable craft and can skip the building process totally.
Disclaimer: - These site addresses are provided for your convenience, we do not have any control over the content of these sites and cannot be held responsible for anything therein contained. We do not make any penny from any resulting sale so shop wherever you feel that you receive good service.
Technical drawings 
Of hovercraft once in use - these drawings are for informational purpose only and shall help you get a in depth view of some craft.
Please hold in mind that most files are big in file size and download might take a bit according to your connection 
 CC-2 Cushioncraft Centrifugal fan powered craft for 6 pax and pilot 
 CC-4 Cushioncraft Centrifugal fan powered craft for 5 pax and pilot 
 VA-2 by Aircushion Vehicles  And from here on forward they all looked alike ...

Theory & Design of Air Cushion Craft

 By Liang Yun, Alan Bliault
If you want to go beyond recreational

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