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Suppliers and Materials

This page is a mixture of what is possible and available .... what is affordable ...
but last not least links to some suppliers we use !

Welcome to the supplier page 

Good supplier can make or break your Hovercraft project. In this and the following pages we want to provide some links to supplier which served us well and supplied quality products for reasonable prices.
They might not be the cheapest but provide the service and the quality we need to build our 4wings craft. Personally I recommend to use a good quality product in the first place to reduce down / repair time on your craft This will help to hold the beauty of your craft instead of changing your dashboard to swiss cheese over the years since you have to replace your instruments all 2 years.
We want to point out that you will need a lot of hard to find items in marine or aviation quality for your Hovercraft .
If you want to save every penny on your project - this will be the wrong page.


Resin glass and core material

  • United Resin - speciality epoxy resins
  • Aero Marine Products - good workhorse epoxy resin
  • System Three - good stuff but got pricy
  • Fiberglast - big pallet of products
  • Polymer products
  • Nidacore structural Honeycomb
  • HexWebHoneycomb
  • Balsa core
  • Fiberglass for RC models, surfboards, sups, Boat & tooling cloth

    Engine and fans / propps

  • 4-stroke single rotor rotary engine
  • Kohler engines
  • Small Honda engines
  • Briggs engines
  • Multiwing fans
  • Aircraft Spruce
  • Fisheries supply - Marine supply
  • Jamestown distributor - hardwear and marine

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