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Welcome to Organizations and Regulations

The organizations are the fun part where you will meet other Hovercraft enthusiast and will find as well some information in keeping your craft afloat and performing well. As well as you will find meetings trips and other activities your organization will organize.

The Regulations are from area to area different as such we can only point you in the direction to find answers to your questions and concerns.

In the USA Hovercraft are seen as boats and fall generally under the USCG regulations for recreational boats. Thereafter you will need to comply to your states regulations ( where ever you register a boat - you register your Hovercraft and pay your appropriate taxes ) Example Texas - where you register with Texas Park and Wildlife. Each state requires different documentation of your craft - some states require only the hull ID number ( this is more or less the same as a car Vin number) which is in most cases located on the transom of your craft. Some require as well your engine serial number - as such please look at your states requirements before buying a craft so you have all the paperwork you need.

In other countries you might find different requirements.

Hovercraft clubs

The following external inks will guide you to local Hovercraft clubs and organizations. Unfortunately some of them change their URL frequently - as such please excuse one or the other broken link.

North America -

European community -

Australia -

Asia -

Africa -

There are more Hovercraft clubs than here listed - just with the constant change of the web - their pages did not come up

If you want your club to be listed here - please contact us - Thank you

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