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Welcome to the file library of 4wings.com


The file library is a collection of working files we used in the past and might need in the future  again - we try to section them so you can find the resources easier but it is not a full description of the actual file.
All these files are internal links - but credit goes to the originator.

This section will grow over time and have as well some Yacht service related files and files regarding renewable / alternative energy. If you wonder how they drop here in - hold in mind that most marine systems are 12 V-DC  on a cruising / racing yacht.
You will try to hold weight low while on the other hand you still need the basic energy to start your engine or run your basic navigation lights and instruments.
We build our first complete  system in 1991 with Sharp solar panels and for todays standards inefficient regulator. Small wind generator have a lot in common with a Hovercraft thrust system and the file for fan blade construction works for both applications.

As we share these files with you and hope you will share the gained knowledge with others , we hope you will also share with us if you have some files which will help a majority of people out there.
Knowledge should be accessible for all - that was the initial intention of the www .

Hydraulic files:

Flexible couplings engine to drive:

Controll surfaces:

Propeller - Ducts

  • Engines:

    Wankel rotary combustion engines in relation to other engines for Hovercraft:

    Fuel tanks

    Parts break down :

    Alternative energy approach: