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Welcome to the engine compartment 
A collection of files for engine modification so they fit 
for a Hovercraft and are USCG compatible

In this section we will show you engines we used and use on our craft's - the expenses of the engine as well as adaptations you need to make so they will fit for Hovercraft applications - please hold in mind that it might take quite long to get some files together and the actual file is always directly related to a certain craft. Most of these files are our working files - so some will be updated as we challenge each problem of this engine type. Some are scripts we set up - and never finished ...yes also we have some stuff sitting in shop waiting to get finished - hope you enjoy and can find some useful information.

  If you look through the files you will see that we have a preference for Wankel / rotary engines - this decision was based on comparing more than 200 engine weight to HP as well as the plain simplicity of rotary engines compared to piston engines - let your eyes guid you and take a look at the following two images - as you watch the motion in the engine - which one makes more sense to turn a propeller?


Rotary engine in motion

Piston engine in motion

Unfortunately the Rotary engine development is relatively slow compared to the high amount of piston engines introduced into the market - the most appealing development is coming from the German company Woelfle Engineering with their line of AIXRO engines - feel free to compare engine weight and HP.

You will also find on the right hand a study regarding rotary engine for Hovercraft which was done in the early hovercraft days -
Enjoy Michael

Current files :
 Mazda B 13 Rotary engine as used in the Alpha - II
This is a working file - changes will happen over the time 
 Subaru engine conversion - 
This script is a copy from wooden boat builder - USCG compliant
  Fluid Power - 
Hydraulic components for Hovercraft
  Sachs Wankel engine KM 24 Manual ( 23 hp at 6000 RPM) 
Used in early Snowmobile
 Sachs Wankel condensed service data (RC 1-18.5 , KM914B , KM24) 
Covers basic engine break down for all three models ( 19 hp - 23 hp)

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