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Hovercraft development
47751 Michigan ave. , Port Isabel, TX, 78578
Tel:(956) 943-5150

4wings is proud to bring you the most stylish and aerodynamic Hovercraft skimming the blue waters of this planet.

These extreme machines allow you to travel with speed and in comfort over most surfaces extending the borders of your playground.
Please select from the menu on the left for your desired passenger capacity.

Hovercrafts are full ambhibious crafts and as such have no standard technical outline which makes it difficult to compare one hovercraft to another. As  such we try to get the basic technical information for each craft in the appropriate file.

Payload refers to the maximum weight you can ad to the craft before its performance will decrease.

If you are looing for a Hovercraft which can be used as close as possible to an ATV, you might want to look for a powerfull lift capacity to overcome the obstacles in your way . But if you wish to use the hovercraft as close as possible  to an airboat or as a personal watercraft, then you might want stronger flotation and a powerful thrust to achive good speed.

The real challenge is to find a hovercraft most suitable for your application. 

I hope you enjoy the selected crafts and if you have any further questions - feel free to contact us at : michael@4wings.com

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