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Alpha - I

Introduction : 

A crowed gathers as you glide your hovercraft down the local beach. It was a sleepy beach a few seconds ago. Now it's buzzing with a swift gathering crowed. No one has ever seen anything like the futuristic styled Alpha-I from 4wings before. The sleek cruising machine is so radical contoured that it looks like a cross between the Space Shuttle and a jet fighter.

You lift open the hard-top and hop in the roomy cockpit. Now you turn the switches to built pressure on the lift and thrust engine carburators. Once you push the lift engine starter button your craft inflates the cushion softly and the crowed steps back. You push the throttle forward to start your thrust unit. When your Alpha-I lifted 8" off the ground you are ready to fly.

Hovercraft Alpha-I on a sandy beach

The crowed expect's something special, so you press the throttle forward and roar down the beach. You go from land to sea and don't feel the slightest change. Boaters watch you leaving the shallow water but will never witness the beauty you're headed for. You race out to deep water and then duck beneath a low bridge. You turn into the shallow's and keep flying until the water thin's out to a glaze over white sand.

You explore hidden places that few people ever see or fish. You cross sandbars, beaches, reefs and coves. It's an exhilarating assault on your senses. It's another perfect day in the world of cruising Hovercraft.

Cruising Hovercraft Alpha-I skimming over the flats

Technical - Layout : 

Many of you are aware of the  UH-12T4. A quite remarkable craft with a numerous application's in the marine environment.

We adapted the original plans from 1985 to today's standard of composite construction and the use of modern lightweight 4 stroke engines. 
Even if we stay with  the beautiful lines of the basic craft - after that all components were redesigned to achieve a modern lightweight craft with a full marine outfit. 
The basic features are side by side seating in a center cockpit, a quiet 4 stroke lift engine, a 16 hp industrial 4 stroke / 2 cylinder thrust engine.

The craft has all navigation and running lights included, distributed from  a 5 breaker circuit electrical panel which will accommodate even sophisticated marine electronics. Two forward search lights for easy docking / loading at night time or during limited vision. Electrical wiring is all tinted marine cable in  tubing for forward section of craft and running in maintenance channels to the aft cabin of craft. 

2 integrated bilge pumps will allow you to hover light and dry even under the worst conditions. 
Several attachment points to tie down your craft during transport on trailer,as well as three  6" stainless steel open base cleats on the deck of the craft. 

Steering is provided by a 13" steering wheel over a rotary marine steering system to aft rudder. 

Still the biggest feature is the  Nida-Core honeycomb core material. The lower hull is hand laid E-glass cloth in epoxy resin  on both sides of the composite panels to allow even after a major crash adequate  flotation. Several  ribs give the craft internal strength - each rib totally encapsulated in 2 coats of epoxy resin for maximum moisture protection before laminated into the hull. 

All top surfaces are fiber glassed in epoxy resin with anti slip on the main walking / entrance surfaces.  Hardware on the craft is all marine quality stainless steel to ensure years of trouble free hovering. 

The are several skirt configurations from a durable simple bag skirt ( basic) to a sophisticated pressurericed bag and finger skirt (optional)

We invite you to take a closer look how we build this craft - in 20 short steps we show you more or less the basic since a picture can tell more than my whole description - the following pages will reload after 20 seconds - sit back and enjoy  the construction of a Alpha-I Hovercraft at 4wings.

All this and a lot more is included in the basic list price  USD 18,450.

Specifications for Alpha - 1
Model # A-1/2
Capacity : 2 Persons
Max. Payload : 500 lb
Length : 13 '
Width : 6 '
Height :  6 '
Hover height : 8 "
Weight :  500 lb
Lift engine : 5.5 HP Honda / 8 HP Tecumshe
Electric Start : no / yes
Engine weight : 26 lb / 48 lb
Thrust engine : 16 HP Vang.
Electric Start : yes
Alternator : yes - 16 Amp
Engine weight : 105 lb
Hull material : Composite/Epoxy
Flotation :  1000 lb
Electric circuit : 5
Fuses : Breaker
Nav. / Strobe light : yes
Cabin light : yes
Instrument wire : yes ( Anchor marine grade) 
Bilge pump : yes ( 1 on each side ) 
Bow light : yes
Steering System : Rotary Steering
Rotary Comm.
Cleats : 3
U-Bolts : 4
PFD : 2

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