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Hovercraft :

7 Person commercial rescue and military Hovercraft  RIVAC-680

The Rivac AH680 is a tough ‘Work Horse’ style hovercraft which can be relied upon to work all day in harsh and remote environments.
It has been designed for good load carrying capacity and durability while at the same time having low maintenance requirements.
The low skirt pressure design makes the AH680RI less sensitive to skirt damage or terrain porosity. The semi-inflatable construction provides a large and stable work platform with excellent lifting capacity. For transport or storage it may be packed into a 20' shipping container. The inflatable collar provides a resilient buffer around the perimeter of the hull while  the single diesel engine assures reliability and durability. A petrol engine may be fitted for increased performance and load capability if requested.

Rivac-680 decks layout by Airlift Hovercraft

Principal Dimensions

Floating off cushion
7.13 m / 23' 3"
6.80 m / 22' 2"
5.70 m / 18' 8"
3.98 m / 13' 1"
3.30 m / 10' 10"
2.20 m / 7' 1"
2.56 m / 8' 2"
2.25 m / 7' 2"


  • Rigid Inflatable Construction, tough and resilient inflatable collar protects hard structure.
  • Exceptional Payload Capacity, inflatable collar provides large lift area and improved earning capability.
  • Low transport volume, able to be packed into a 20' shipping container, no wide load permits required.
  • Simple Maintenance, only essential elements included in design. Minimum parts and systems to maintain in remote areas. World available industrial components used wherever possible.
  • Simplicity in Operation, logical and simple controls, crew learning time minimized.
  • Highly Stable, inflatable collar, high obstacle clearance bag and finger skirt. 
  • Quiet, large diameter thrust propeller has low tip speed, super quiet stainless steel exhaust system.
  • Safe, exceptional buoyancy, guarded propellers, 3 water-tight compartments in the hull, 4 separate inflatable bladders, safety frame over cabin area, fire zoning. 
  • Flexible Engine Selection, chose between petrol and diesel according to preference.
  • Elegant concept, simple and effective, 'no frills'.


Technical Details 
 Cockpit length 
2.98 m / 9' 6"
 Cockpit width 
1.44 m / 4' 6"
 Obstacle clearance 
300 mm / 12 "
 Payload  (nom) 
600kg / 1 350 lb
GM V8 6.5L Diesel 124kW or V6 3.8L Petrol 184kW
 Fuel capacity 
80 litres, 140 litres optional / 17,5 gal, 31 gal optional
 Max wind capability 
15 knots gusting to 20 knots (heavy). 20knots gusting to 
25 knots (light) 
 Cruising speed 
Up to 25 knots
 Max speed 
32 knots (max recommended)
 Skirt type 
Pressurized bag, detachable fingers 
 Lift & Thrust system
Integrated ducted propeller, fixed pitch. 
Hovering stationary capable

This craft is replazing the modell " Mustang " . We hold the craft description still on file since several craft were build and are still in service.
For further information on the above craft please follow the provided link to :

Airlift Hovercraft Rivac-680 or contact them direct through their webportal

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