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Welcome to the most exhilarating fun above the surface
Short intro into Alpha-II craft

The Alpha-II  is the ultimate in luxury cruising. If you enjoy high speed water sport, prepare to be seduced. High performance and great handling are not enough - a true Hovercraft must also have the power to seduce and entertain you.
These unique models offer an exciting but rare combination of style, speed and comfort along with environmental friendliness. Here you meet the best available craft for both commercial and recreational use.
The choice for our customers is virtually unlimited.
The Alpha-II has vast operating range including but certainly not limited to recreational yachting, convenient VIP transportation services (6 pax license ) as well as cruise ship tender (rescue man over board  -  ship to shore transportation in case of emergency transport) which requires amphibious capability.

Alpha-II Hovercraft prototyp open craft during cnstruction

The Alpha-II is unlike any other Hovercraft. You can feel the difference in the first few miles of flight- since your ideas are included in the development of your craft. 
The relationship between craft and pilot  is extraordinarily close, and through this intimacy you feel more in control, more in touch with the way the craft handles and behaves.

This aggressive  Hovercraft is available with your personal custom build cabin section for either 5 persons (23' length ) or 7 persons  ( 25' length ).
The powerful lift  unit as well as thrust  unit are fix components for all four models of the Alpha-II series. This allows a big amount of flexibility in the passenger / payload area while a proven performance in the whole design series with relatively short set up time for each model. It allows us to concentrate all our attention to your custom build cabin and helms area.  As seen in the following custom layout.

Alpha-II enclosed cabin of 7 Passenger craft during comnstruction

The key features of the Alpha-II exceed  Hovercraft standards. 
A few details :
- B13 Rotary engine as power plant with quiet 175 Hp on base engine.
- 58 hp Fluid power drive for the lift unit 
- 4 totally enclosed thrust fans for low Db level.
- high output quiet centrifugal fan for lift
- Low overall craft height for maximum performance while minimum drag , easy trailing and storage
- large amount of watertight flotation compartments for your safety.
As well as the  Alpha II flight control system is intended to provide a more natural driving experience for the operator. The unique control surfaces operate in both the thrust and speed generated air stream domains. 

General specifications for Alpha - II Series
Description Alpha-II-4 Alpha-II - 6
Length : 22' 25'
Width : 106"
Cockpit length : 7' 9'
Cockpit width : 6'6"
Cushion height :  12"
Max. recommended save speed : 30 knots on smooth (water/land/ice) surface
Planing speed :  6 - 8 knots 
Accommodation  : 4 passenger 6 passenger
Crew : 1 pilot / operator
Lift unit  : Fluid power ( hydraulic ) 58 Hp
Thrust engine  : B13 ( 3 rotor ) rotary engine 175 hp 
Fuel consumption  :  5 gal / hour cruising 7 gal / hour max.
Fuel capacity : 24 gal.
Skirt type :  Basic - pressurized bag / Optional bag and finger skirt
Lift  system  : dual intake centrifugal  fan in 100% housing
Thrust system : Dual square duct, 4 variable pitch 32" multi-wing fan , belt driven  in totally enclosed duct
Rudder : hydraulic, multiple blade on thrust exit area ( 2' by 8')
Alpha-II enclosed cabin during construction

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Design is the art  of  passion  and technology
 To design the most advanced Hovercraft is not our job-
  it is our passion and the driving force behind
4wings Hovercraft development

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