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Guest page  Industrial Object.
High Speed Hovercraft -
Design description: 

 The   Io Design, High Speed Hovercraft is a streamlined hovercraft based on proven technology.
Its primary use is for comfortable, quite, long range cruising and brief overnight trips.
This is accomplished by well padded seats and the application of sound deadening material placed around the perimeter of the enclosed cockpit.
The  streamlined , wide body shape of the craft allows for a narrow port and starboard  bunk. Twin front seating is provided with additional space aft ( approximately 3' x 6') for seating or storage.

IO-design High Speed Hovercraft during Construction

The craft is designed for durability and damage  tolerance by the application of a monoqouc type structure made up of encapsulated balsa/fiberglass reinforced  panels. The balsa core panels also help to attenuate sound and vibration.
Automotive quality   safety glass is used for the windscreen which is provided with an electric wiper. Typical automobile fuel economy  allows substantial range, this combined with the unique amphibious capabilities will allow unprecedented access to  some of the most remote regions of the globe.
This is the primary reason the design emphasis has been on reliability, all systems will be marine quality and special care is taken at all electrical termination's and pipe/tubing fittings. 

IO-Design High speed Hovercraft

Length overall
20' - 4" (6.2 meters) 
Beam overall 
8' - 0" (2.4 meters) 
Height off cushion
4' - 2" (1.2 meters) 
1200 lb. lightship. 
34" diameter fan powered by a 18 H.P. four stroke engine
74" diameter propellor powered by a 80 H.P. engine
12 U.S. Gallons, unleaded (optional 24)
300 Nautical miles at 50 Knots cruise
735 lb.

Key Features:
Formula 1, inspired carbon/foam cored monocoque body structure. Large, ventilated loop seal. Ground to roof height of less than four feet.
Lower hood with port and starboard steering vents and integrated cushioned bow section that is immune to stuffing.
Large NACA inspired thrust intakes. Refined rear thrust nozzle and a stealth like low noise level of only 72 dba. Gull wing doors lower for easy ingress/egress. Racing inspired interior décor. Built in fire suppression system.
GTH by IO-design

For more information please contact :
David Carambat at:
Industrial Object, Llc.
21339 Wilson, Covington, Louisiana, 70435
Phone (985).893.2432
Cell (985).502.4076
Take a closer look at the construction of the craft at: http://www.industrialobject.com/gthbuild.html

Besids the above Hovercraft David was active in cutting edge marine design as you can see in the following clip:

After the GTH David designed the Airwave - here a short technical outline of the craft :

Airwave Hoverski by IO-Design

Davids latest addition as he   unveils is the next form of light aircraft propulsion in its new ASV-X1.
A dual Centrifugal fan propulsion craft as you can see at his page http://www.industrialobject.com/Horz.html

Thrust unit of new Hovercraft

For more information about Industrial Object or the projects shown, call 985-893-2432 or E-mail me at: dcgth@industrialobject.com

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