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Hovercraft : HoverFlyer-580

General Specification

The HoverFlyer is a fully amphibious hovercraft that has been well proven and manufactured since 1989.  It has provided many thousands of hours of enjoyment and income for commercial owners carrying many thousands of joyriders. HoverFlyer has also proven itself in many diverse applications such as seismic surveying, aquaculture, weedspraying, flood rescue, stock feeding, oil rig support to mention a few. Private owners too are enjoying the benefits of the HoverFlyer with uses as diverse as yacht tender to accessing fishing, diving, holiday house access and hunting.

Unique Features -

 1.Top performer, beats everything in it's class for style and performance.
  2.Quiet, large diameter thrust propeller has low tip speed.
  3.Safe, guarded propellers, water-tight compartments, fire zoning.
  4.Exceptional payload capacity, Unbeatable earning capability.
  5.Very stable with high obstacle clearance bag and finger skirt combined.
  6.Economical 4 stroke engines, less than 10 litres/hr. No polluting oil mixes.
  7.Elegant concept, simple and effective mechanical equipment, easy maintenance.
  8.Road transportable, load and go without wide load permits.

Technical Details
Imperial - US
5.60 m
2.35 m
Cockpit length
2.80 m
Cockpit width
1.50 m
Isolated obstacle clearance
300 mm
Cushion height
350 mm front / 320 mm rear
13.7"  front / 12.6" rear
Wave height clearance
750 mm at a pitch of 10 meters
29.5" at a pitch of 32.8'
Maximum recommend speed
30 knots on smooth water
30 knots on smooth water
Maximum recommend speed
38 knots on smooth hard surface
Planing speed
6 to 8 knots
5 Passengers
1 operator/pilot
500 kg
1 102 lb
Empty weight
670 kg
1 477 lb
Lift engine
Briggs & Stratton OHV 16 hp.
Thrust engine
Subaru  flat 4 cyl, OHV
Fuel consumption
9.7 liters per hour (cruise)
2.5 gal per hour (cruise)
Average Fuel capacity
15.5 gal
60 litters
Skirt type
Pressurized tapered bag and fingers
Lift system
Single stage, vertical, axial flow type fan
Thrust system
Single ducted, fixed pitch, laminated timber propeller, toothed belt mechanical drive with clutch Control system
hydraulic helm Area of operation All USL class E waters + some class D

Hull and Superstructure

The hull is molded from fiber reinforced resin and PVC foam sandwich vacuum formed into female molds.  Bi-axial fiberglass reinforcements are used in the plastic skins.  This method of construction is lightweight while retaining excellent strength and stiffness. Thermal and sound isolation properties are excellent for this construction system. All laminating is conducted with active quality control procedures to ensure the highest quality. The hull construction complies with or exceeds the Australian U.S.L. requirements. The hull is built in two parts and bonded together with sealed buoyancy compartments for maximum safety.  Seat bases are molded directly into the hull and provide dry storage spaces underneath.   A three-point rubber cushioned landing pad system is fitted under the hull for operation off hard surfaces.   A poly carbonate windshield is fitted around the front of the cockpit.

Thrust Engine

The thrust engine is a Subaru liquid cooled four cylinder horizontally opposed four stroke with electric starting; no alternator; internal oil reservoir; gear driven oil circulation pump; replaceable external oil filter cartridge; stainless steel exhaust system; remote air filter assembly.  Normal running speed is 900 to 4200 R.P.M.    The engine is mounted directly to the transmission housing thereby assuring correct alignment with the other transmission components.
The engine coolant circulates through a radiator mounted to the port side of the engine compartment, the engine oil is cooled by an oil radiator mounted to the port side also. Sensors are fitted to detect oil pressure, water temperature and cylinder head over temperature, and are connected to a large flashing light on the dashboard.

Propulsion System

The power from the thrust engine is transmitted from a toothed pulley mounted directly to the crankshaft, via a toothed H.T.D. pattern belt, to a toothed pulley mounted directly to the propeller shaft clutch.  The clutch on the propeller shaft is of the pre-set torque limiting type to guard against transmission system over-torque.  The propeller shaft is supported on two self aligning sealed ball bearing units within the fabricated aluminum transmission housing. The complete engine and transmission assembly is unitized and mounted to the hull via rubber vibration isolators.  The propeller is bolted directly to the rear of the propeller shaft.  The propeller blades are machined from select laminated timbers and protected with abrasion resistant coatings and replaceable poly carbonate protection strips.

Lift System

Briggs & Stratton 16 H.P. air cooled twin-cylinder with electric starting; manual starting; 15 Amp alternator; internal oil reservoir; gear driven oil circulation pump; replaceable external oil filter cartridge; stainless steel exhaust system; remote air filter assembly.  Normal running speed is 2700 to 3200 R.P.M.
Air is drawn in through the vents in the bonnet and expelled directly downwards into the skirt bag.  The bonnet provides safety protection, sound absorption and an attractive appearance.  The lift fan is a single stage, vertical downwards, axial flow type, mounted directly to the engine crankshaft.


The controls are easily managed with a hydraulic helm pump and hand-wheel for steering.  They are linked to aerodynamic rudders mounted behind the thrust duct, and use a foot-operated throttle for thrust and a simple hand throttle for lift. Full engine instrumentation is available.


The skirt is a fully pressurized tapered bag and finger system. The bag pressure is higher than the cushion pressure and is regulated by control orifices in the bag inner membrane.  The fingers are bolted on with nylon fasteners and are easily changed without lifting the craft.

Electrical System

System voltage is nominally 12 volts DC.  There is a single battery fitted with a double pole isolated switch.  Circuits are protected by mil spec re-settable circuit breakers.  Both engines have electric starting with a 15-amp alternator fitted to the lift engine. In the event of a flat battery, the lift engine may be rope started for battery charging.

Fuel System and Fire Safety

The fuel tanks are of approved welded aluminum construction and pressure tested. Fuel piping is copper and stainless braided neoprene for flexible elements. A CAV type conglomerator/filter unit provides filtration, which is easily accessible for inspection and water drainage. An electric fuel pump feeds both engines. A tank-mounted sender measures the fuel contents and a gauge is fitted to the dashboard.  In survey craft the fuel tank compartment is sealed, lined with fire retardant surface and pressure ventilated.  An electronic fume detector is mounted within the compartment, with an audible and visible condition monitor on the dashboard.

Available Accessories

Marine radio, 27Mhz or Marine VHF
Storage cover, short version clips around duct and top of windscreen.
Storage cover, complete version, covers complete deck to top of skirt.
Electric bilge pump at rear of cockpit.
Road trailer, basic towing frame (lift or float off).
Road trailer, complete flat-deck with tilt for hover on and off.
Reinforced floor and tie downs for freight.

NB:  The above specifications pertaining to performance are based on a properly trimmed and maintained craft with a competent operator. These specifications are subject to change as improvements are made and should be used as a guide only, more complete and exact specifications are issued for contractual purposes once a customers requirements are fully known.

For more information please vist Airlift Hovercraft or contact them direct through their webportal!

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