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This page shall help you navigate our web site and get you on track  if you get lost somewhere on the way. 
There are 9 main pages equal to the 9 main chapter of this site. Each has a short introduction to the topic of the  sub pages which you can access from there.  So far quite easy ....
One main category containes  all topic related pages . This should help the Hovercraft interested buyer , home builder or owner to find the important information quick and easy.
You have access to this help page from all pages, the main page and  the external forum.
Have fun -
Main topic : F. A. Q .
Frequently asked questions  -  answers the basic questions on  Hovercraft as well as what is behind 4wings.  There are a few great pages to get a more detailed info on the technical aspect! Read about the environmental aspect of Hover crafts, the use of these crafts and the limitations in relation to other compareable transportation means .
Main topic : Hovercraft organizations and regulations 
Will help you find your closest Hover club or the best place to find the regulations for construction and registration of your craft. I guess you should look through all of them since you will as well find out where the next race or hover in is - as long as we got informed of it ....  If you are member in your local organization, it will help you get informed of what is going on. We provide links to the discussion groups where you can ask all hovercraft related questions and find quite often useful answers. Web rings are a great source to find topic related information / web pages.
Main topic : Designs
This chapter will show new crafts / designs from several designer where we can get hold of the information. You will find inventions for specific applications ( mostly just the beginning of the file and a link to the source ) as well as some great forgotten ideas . 
As time passes by we add pages and perhaps you can follow the  construction of a certain craft from the stage of the first blueprints to the final finish.
Main topic : Crafts
Feel free to look through several different craft descriptions. Craft built by 4wings as well as several other hovercraft where a certain level of craftsmanship and all basic safety features are implemented in the craft. We link you to several builder / and designer  which provide technical information of their craft and build after these specs. We do not provide links to builder with only craft outlines - since we believe there should be a bit more info  than just how long and wide a craft will be.
Main topic : Catalogs and plans
In this pages you will find links and information on hovercraft plans, the few kits which are available on the market as well why you should look through several plans before building a craft. 
Main topic : Tips and Tricks
The section for the home builder and for every one who wants to know how we build our craft. We provide several pages which could help you build and repair your craft - as well as info on different composite related materials. These  pages help you to see what makes the difference between Hovercraft and Hovercraft - even if they look alike from the outside - it does not mean that they are build totally equal - the hull could be out of polyester - poured in a mold or it is a "one of" sandwich composite hull in epoxy resin . There is a difference in price and average lifetime of a hull. It is a major difference if the electrical system is household, automotive or marine,  in price and lifetime too - if you compare two crafts - just don't look only for the HP - look at the detail in the construction. If you want a toy for some fun on a few weekends, a cheap mass model will do. If you are a real outdoor person who will need the craft for business, rescue or daily transportation - go for a good quality craft. Service time is lost money and lost income.
An easy example is oxidation in electrical wiring in a salty environment:
  • Household = 6 month before you get loss
  • Automotive = 1 1/2 years before you get loss
  • Marine grade + marine terminals (alternative gold) will give you for at least 5 years peace of mind.
We continuously add pages to different topics - pass by from time to time and I hope you find something for your basket.
Main topic : Supplier and Materials
Now you get on the final project - here we collect some  links to suppliers which deliver us and maintain  a certain quality, they are not the cheapest - no question, but they deliver what they promise and their stuff is usually good marine quality. It is up to every one where he gets his materials - there are lots of places selling whatsoever products - we got burned on several places with sucky delivery and poor quality from some undefined third country - it never showed up, broke or oxidized already on the construction site. The listed ones served us well.
Main topic : Gallery
The Gallery is the place where you can find several pictures of Hovercraft - go there after you were crunching some numbers and want to kick back - send the link to friends and share pictures of great craft with us. 
Main topic : Forum 
After having several "message boards" on the site, I realized that if one  question came up over and over and I replied to most of them .... the next ones didn't see the reply and asked the same again - guess these boards didn't work so well - the forum will hopefully allow us  to leave, post and reply to messages so that  everybody will be able to see the conversation.
How does it work ? The forum is like a building with as lot of  rooms, each room is a different message board which you can open,  read it and reply or post a new message .It not only allows to have up to 1000 message boards under one roof with 1000 messages on each - it is  a very powerful communication tool on the net - gosh just took 2000 years from the romans till today to communicate on a world level ...
In the moment you will find the following boards :
 The Guest book.  Leave a note how you liked the place.
 Help board.  If there is something to change on this site - let me know.
 Kits and Plans. Perhaps there are more than I know - post them here.
 Science fair. The board for all young Hovercraft fans - leave your print .
 Composite / Epoxy questions. Problems with the honey - perhaps I can help a bit.

Please make use of it - and don't be afraid to post messages - thanks Michael.

After you got through several pages and found your way around, we want to invite you to our index page - there you will find the structure of all pages on this web site in a convenient way.