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Dreames and Dimensions - Design update - Jan. 2000
Dreames and Dimensions - Design update - Jan. 2000
Welcome to the new Millennium
and to the new home of 4wings.com
It passed quite some time before we got this update ready mostly because of all the new stuff - 
Hope you find something for you 
All the best 
Michael - 4wings.com

Michael Nell from Nell fabrication mailed us his new Viper craft - this up to 4 person speedy craft is available in plans / kit as well as build by Nell fabrication 
Viper Hovercraft by Michael Nell - AU
The VIPER CRUISER plan/kit hovercraft is a fully  amphibious vehicle capable of carrying four adults and gear across a variety of surfaces including sand, snow, ice and  water. It is ideal for cruising, fishing, exploring, farming and various industrial applications. The craft is one of the most technically  advanced plan/kit hovercraft available. It has been  designed by an Engineer who has extensive knowledge  of the construction and maintenance of small, light hovercraft. The hull is constructed using marine plywood, timber  battens, Rigid PVC foam, fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin.  Using an epoxy/plywood/foam sandwich and "stitch and glue" construction, the hull is strong, lightweight, durable  and superior in design.
13' 3"
180 kg
400 lb
Payload (max.)
320 kg (4 persons) 
705 lb (4 persons)
Hover height.
230 mm
550 kg
1 200 lb
Fuel capacity
35 lt 
7 . 5 gal
Speed - Max.
80 - 90 km / h 
50 - 55 m / h 
Cruising speed 
60 km / h
35 m / h 
Endurance Cruise
5 - 6 hours (cruise)
Rotax 503
48 bhp @ 6,000 rpm
2.3 : 1 Tooth belt
840 mm, 9 blade Multiwing
33",9 blade Multiwing
Alternative engine installations may be used

The starting point of the VIPER CRUISER Kit, is the  plan/assembly manual . The 90+ page plan/assembly manual contains:

Numbered identification plate.
List of kit contents and materials.
Technical information on bonding, fiber glassing and sealing plywood.
Detailed plans.
Assembly instructions.
Cross-section drawings.
Skirt templates.
Wiring diagram.
Operating and maintenance instructions.
The plan/assembly manual is supplied in a protective, 4 ring binder with each page contained in a removable, clear plastic insert.  The  plan/assembly manual is available separately.

For more information jump to his  web site @ http://members.optusnet.com.au/~nell/viper.htm

The Hovercraft locator is growing.
In late summer we started to build the Hovercraft locator - and after overcoming the basic problem of a decent directory structure, we add all entries submitted to us every two month .
The purpose is that Hovercraft interested persons are able to locate   the nearest Hovercraft in their area. Contact the owner and can get a  hands on idea how a Hovercraft is   working and maneuvering over different terrain. 
We would appreciate your help in building this locator. If you own or  build a Hovercraft and are willing to share your knowledge with other  Hovercraft interested persons please mail us your location with state and zip code. 
We build a simple database on a country - state to state level so a web surfer can locate a Hovercraft  owner and get in contact with him -  your reward is that you are able to help another Hovercraft interested  person . 
Take a closer look @  http://members.xoom.com/_XMCM/seeadler/4wings/locat/locator01.html
We want to mention here that we have to earn a living as well as keep all this free services up and running for you - so please have patience if it takes sometimes a bit until we update the info. Unfortunately Xoom was taken over by NBIC which dumped most pages into cyber byte and the info got belly up
Lot of thanks to all of you .
Ross McLeod - Airlift Hovercraft Australia -
got his web page up and running and made his new ferry public -
The design is similar to, and intended to replace the highly successful    'Pioneer' and 'Ranger'   designs created in 1979.
The '1160P' was designed to fill a requirement for a fast passenger carrying hovercraft in the 25 to 29 passenger size range with more comfort, style and performance than any competitor can offer. The design is based upon the well proven 890P standard version and has proven outstandingly successful.  Emphasis has been placed on the commercial requirements of operators such   as good payload, good all year weather capability, economical to operate and  maintain, durable and simple construction and above all, good economical  viability for its owner. The basic design is capable of conversion to other  applications such as freighter, seismic survey, well deck with front ramp,  convertible cabin, field ambulance, military patrol etc.

Take a closer look  at this craft .

So I hope you found some useful info and pass by from time to time 
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